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Car industry is always growing and changing to make car travel safer.  Car makers are commited in including safety systems that ensure you are as protected as possible.  Airbag systems and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are two examples of how vehicle systems are improved and as result your travels have become safer.

SRS Service is commited to improve safety as well!  We are always in constant training and acquiring new equipment so that our technicians can make sure all your vehicle systems are working properly.  Wether you need to replace components after a crash, diagnose your system or even analyse all systems on a car for faults we are always ready.

We know your time is something very valuable and we try our best to make sure you invest as little time as possible checking or fixing your vehicle.  With SRS Service you can diagnose, purchase and have your parts installed directly at your home or work without expending a fortune.

Feel free to contact us and witness how affordable quality service is possible! 

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