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SRS Service is commited to give you the best service for your budget.  Here are some of the ways we can help you


Airbags are one of the most lifesaving features installed on a vehicle.  A faulty airbag system may prevent this device to deploy in an accident in which your life can be at risk.  SRS service has all the parts , knowledge and experience to check and restore components in the airbag system


SRS Service always has the right tool for the job and electronic module reprogramming is our specialty.  Wether it is an airbag module that needs to be restored, a new module that has to be coded or a reprogramming of a replacement module we have the expertise required to handle the task.


With all the knowledge and experience our technicians have acquired we can diagnose even the most complicated faults on any of your vehicle's electronic systems.  Our technicians can provide a clear report that pin-points any issue and provide possible solutions to you or your mechanic.


SRS Service can provide important replacement parts your vehicle might need.  We carry a large stock with specific parts specially designed for your vehicle's safety systems.


Our electronic equipment, qualified technicians and our experience allows us to provide plenty of solutions in programming electronic modules, diagnosis, feature activation and key programming for almost all BMW models.


This prestgious brand demands for advanced knowledge of their systems to provide quality service. SRS Service can offer all of our experince and knowledge in electronic module programming, and key programming so your Mercedes Benz is always working flawlessly.


We have the best and most prepared mechanics and technicians at your service.  We can handle the challenging tasks required to restore your vehicle's systems to the fully operational state.
Our equipment is up to date and our personnel is always improving to keep up with new technologies. 


General inspections and regular mechanical inspections usually don't check safety systems like Tire Pressure Monitoring or Airbags.

We can help when you need to check a car you're buying to make sure all safety systems are woorking properly or want a certification that the car you own has everything working properly 


Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) constantly check tire inflation to make sure the car is safe to drive.  Underinflation reduces tire traction and can represent a hazard while driving and also incresase fuel consumption because of rolling resistance.  We can repair and restore your TPMS system.  

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